Triple Crossbow Murder Shocks Bushey Community

Triple Crossbow Murder Shocks Bushey Community

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The Incident and Victims

The family in , faced a tragic targeted attack, resulting in the deaths of Carol Hunt, 61, and her daughters Louise, 25, and Hannah, 28, who were found tied up and shot with a crossbow.

racing commentator John Hunt, Carol's husband and father of the victims, discovered the scene upon his return from work, prompting a significant police response and a manhunt for suspect , 26.

The Aftermath and Community Response

The hunt for Kyle Clifford, who is believed to be armed and dangerous, has led to lockdowns at local schools and an extensive police presence in the areas of Bushey and Enfield.

The shocking events have deeply affected the community, with neighbours and local officials expressing their sadness and disbelief over the violent incident in their typically calm neighborhood.
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